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Yes, I went home as I walked into the lobby of The Commodore, but I had never been there before. My eleven year old granddaughter was with me, and to put in our true southern words, " She was in HOG-EAVEN " Made herself at home. Within minutes she knew everyone’s names, but gave them all her own nickname. Sean was " What's his face Man" & his wife was "What's his face's 'WOMAN'" ...That just meant she was comfortable and this young lady is very bashful person. She even got to help with a big name Nashville star, Lorrie Morgan, when she stopped to eat after a concert , they let her stand-in as a helper. That is one thing she will never forget, that or the big custom made chocolate shake Sean brought and served her in our room, to thank her for her hard work. Room was great, people were better than you'll find anywhere. Food was just almost TOO good. We stayed from June 23 till June 29 , 2008..
Wish I was there now ,flopped out on the bed , watching TV while they clean, cook , and babied me ,JUST LIKE MAMA USED TO DO. Talked to granddaughter last night and she ask if we could spend Christmas at The Commodore. There's 22 of us age 66 to 2 ,what do you think ??
Hope to see you soon..

N. F. J. and granddaughter J.N.C.

What a fascinating place to be! We will be back again…By far the best Café to shine its light on Perry County…ever!  The experience was fantastic, with a surprise around every corner. What is next? You have a calm, warm, wonderful atmosphere. The food was fantastic and service was great. Thank you!

Shayna Trull

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the great service and welcoming for my team and I last weekend for Rally Tennessee. We are very appreciative of the kind and open arms as well as the hospitality that you and your staff gave the entire weekend-- its not everywhere we find these accommodations. The rooms were cozy, the cafe food downstairs was excellently prepared and the your staff was extremely pleasant. Our team all were in agreement that this experience was unparalleled by any that we previously had, which means a lot considering we have been all around the country to rallies. Once again, a big thank you to you and your staff for such a great weekend!!!
Alix Hakala

I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for the experience we had at your hotel a few weeks ago. We were in Linden to visit family, and were glad just to find a room so convenient to their location. What really surprised and delighted us was the first rate quality of the hotel and rooms, and the warm hospitality showed by everyone on your staff. I have stayed in fancy places in big cities, and they don’t have anything on you. We will definitely be back.
Will Mars
Findlay, Ohio

We enjoyed the ambience of the hotel the nights we spent there. It is amazing how you have renovated the old Staley Hotel into the beautiful Commodore Hotel. We enjoyed fine dining along with the chamber music. The chef did an excellent job preparing the food and we wish that we lived closer so we could dine there more often. We will make the Commodore Hotel our headquarters when in town.
Rev. Melvin and Naomi Orr

I want to let you all know how much we enjoyed our stay with you on June 14 & 15th. We are planning to return at some point and have been telling everyone how much we enjoyed the atmosphere. Thanks for everything!
Pat Creech, RN

This is Richard and Veronica from South Dakota. Just needed to drop you good people a line to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay. The Panama Red was great- strong black coffee the way it should be. It was quiet, well-appointed and the temperature was just right. Breakfast was outstanding. Hope to visit you folks again- it's where we will stay when visiting our folks in Perry County.
Richard and Veronica

Mike- It was nice meeting you and your wife and Sean and his wife. Your hotel and restaurant certainly brings some class to Perry County. While Perry Countians are pretty well known for their home-cooked meals, your nice addition of superb dining should help increase the tourist business to Perry County along with cultivating an acquired taste in many. Because your blackberry cobbler was so tasty, I went back today for a full meal. I understand that my sister Barbara has spoken with you to have the family reunion in Linden at your hotel. That should fill it up for hopefully a weekend. I don't know if we can book for one of your music weekends but that would be great. Are you taking reservations yet and are the weekends for next June taken yet? Linden is our homebase and we have not been able to return for many years since everyone had moved away and there were no hotels in Linden. Thanks for changing that and we certainly are praying for your success. Take care and stay with it.

Jim Savage

I am writing you this message from the road. I am sitting in the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio, eating a pizza from Papa Johns. I am recalling the lovely time we had at the Commodore. My Mom and Dad truly enjoyed their stay in your charming southern inn. The dinner on Friday night was absolutely wonderful. The food the service and the evening's entertainment of authentic Blue Grass,
Words can hardly describe it. It just doesn't get much better. I spend close to 180 days a year on the road staying at a variety of hotels. I would like to say thanks and to you and your staff . You should be commended. The feeling one gets when either dinning in your Cafe or staying at your Hotel, is as close to the feeling one gets at home. So as I sit here in my 20 story hotel, I am longing for some true southern hospitality and a piece of Sean's apple pecan pie.
Captain Steven A. Miller
Panama City, FL -

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